The Black or Green HoliSpheres disappear at night, so you only see the lights! The White HoliSpheres reflect and amplify the lights that are wrapped on them! White or Gold HoliSpheres make lovely lighting for formal occasions. Orange HoliSpheres add a festive flair to your party atmosphere. Click the different themes below to discover some of the creative ideas from our HoliSpheres customers. You can also view our video page here.

Quick Tips

 Tip #1: We recommend 100-150 lights for the 10″, 150-200 lights for the 12″ and 200-300 lights for the 14″ HoliSpheres.  –  Of course the more lights you use the brighter they will be.
 Tip #2: Always start by wrapping the plug end of the lights on the top, so you have a short pig tail from the top of the assembly to plug in easily.

Additional Ideas

■ Inflate mylar balloons INSIDE the spheres. ■ Wrap spheres with celophane or mylar after applying lights. ■ Wrap spheres with celophane or mylar before applying lights. ■ Hang paper fans or paper balls inside for color. ■ Stuff with tissue and wrap with net or mesh to make a “basket”. ■ Wrap with light string then attach white or colored tissue. ■ Place a plant in a coconut basket inside the sphere, wrap with lights and use as a centerpiece. ■ Use them as topiary center pieces. ■ Wrap them with ivy and lights. ■ Wrap them with garland and lights. ■ Hang a single light inside the sphere, then wrap with mylar ribbon. ■ Place your tangled lights from last year inside the sphere, then wrap with translucent ribbon, mylar or tissue. Looks even better if lights are blinking. ■ Wrap with mesh to attach flowers or decorations, then wrap with lights for added snap. ■ Just one set of Holi-Spheres put out a lot of ambient lighting for your party or backyard bar-b-que.